[TEASER] Finale, The first few pages of the first Chapter!

Hallu c:
Man, ich freu mich total, weil ich grade die ersten Seiten von dem ersten Kapitel von Finale gefunden habe! Ich schaue ja ab und zu bei tumblr und heute bin ich fündig geworden.
Okay, der Eintrag ist da schon etwas länger, aber ich hoffe, dass ich damit wenigstens ein Paar überraschen kann. 
Natürlich ist es auf Englisch geschrieben, aber ich geh mal davon aus dass die meisten gut Englisch können, oder ? 
Wenn nicht dann hinterlasst mir einfach einen Kommentar und ich werde mir die Mühe geben es zu übersetzen (:

I’m not a party girl. The earsplitting music, the gyrating bodies, the inebriated smiles-not my thing. My ideal Saturday night would be at home, snuggling on the sofa and watching a rom-com with my boyfriend, Patch. Predictable, low-key…normal. My name is Nora Grey, and while I used to be an average American teen, buying my clothes at the J. Crew outlet and spending my babysitting money on iTunes, normal and I have recently become perfect strangers. As in, I wouldn’t know normal if it marched up and poked me in the eye. Normal and I parted ways when Patch strolled into my life. Patch has seven inches on me, operates on cold, hard logic, moves like smoke, and lives alone in a supersecret, super-swanky studio beneath Delphic Amusement Park. The sound of his voice, low and sexy, can melt my heart in three seconds flat. He’s also a fallen angel, kicked out of heaven for his flexibility when it comes to following rules. I personally believe Patch scared the pants of normal, and it took off running for the far side of the world. I might not have normalcy, but I do have stability. Namely, in the form of my best friend of twelve years, Vee Sky. Vee and I have an unshakable bond that even a laundry list of differences can’t break. They say opposites attract, and Vee and I are proof of the validity of the statement. I am tall and slender with big curly hair that tests my patience, and I’m a Type A personality. Vee is even taller, with ash-blond hair, green serpentine eyes, and more curves than a roller coaster track. Almost always, Vee’s wishes trump mine. And unlike me, Vee lives for a good party...*KLICK* zum Weiterlesen...

Kommentare on "[TEASER] Finale, The first few pages of the first Chapter!"
  1. muss ich wohl mal die Trilgogie lesen :DD

    LG Plumblossoms

  2. Bin mir sicher, dass du auch schon bald die 100 Marke knackst ;)
    Und die Trilogie werde ich wohl sicher irgendwann mal lesen :D

    LG Plumblossoms